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Dore E. Frances, Independent Educational Consultant, Introduces her two new associates’ -- Karen Crockett, Child Right’s Advocate and Jennifer Pallett, Independent Educational Consultant. –

COEUR D’ ALENE, ID April 30, 2004 -- By combining their expertise in one practice, they can offer programs and schools to parents with an even greater opportunity to assist families and children.

Dore and Jennifer will continue their work out of Idaho while Karen plans to consult directly from her office in California. The three professionals demonstrate the growing understanding of how Independent Educational Consultants and Child Rights Advocates counsel students and their families in the selection of educational programs, as well as concentrating on the needs of special services in local school districts for those with IEP’s.

They work to ensure that they meet the individual, specific and unique needs of each family and child.

"We look forward to our growth and success at assisting parents, programs and schools.”

“What we are doing together as a team stands to benefit parents and students with individual attention from three professionals with over 34 years of combined experience in the areas of certified grief counseling, educational consulting, child and family counseling, and special education.” says Dore. “With this new association, we are linking two necessary areas when helping with placements for children whether in a traditional boarding school, a boarding school for those with learning disabilities, a Christian based program, a dual diagnosis program, an eating disorder program or a youth correction program which can be an alternative to juvenile hall or a court ordered youth authority program, just to name a few.”

For more information visit their websites: and or call Dore Frances at (208) 667-9098, Karen Crockett at (831) 899- 4452, or Jennifer Pallett at (208) 664-6333.

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