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Celebrity Brows Expert Laura Ungureanu joins the Mark Garrison Salon in New York City

New York City, NY August 2, 2004 -- "Brows are a defining facial feature… done right, they accentuate your best features and frame the face," says Laura Ungureanu, the new resident brows expert at the Mark Garrison Salon. "However, if they're wrong, you know it.” According to Laura, improperly shaped brows look dated, distract the eye and even throw off the entire symmetry of your face.

Preaching the importance of proper brow shaping and grooming is a mission of Laura’s, who joined the Mark Garrison salon at its new townhouse location this year. Practicing what she calls “brow couture”, Laura’s clients get an education on brows, a focal point Laura says that does not get the “face making” credit it's due. Whether it’s high drama or low maintenance they’re after, Laura uses a combination of waxing, tweezing and trimming, taking into account face shape and bone structure, to give clients their best brow look. “Once you get the right shape and foundation…you suddenly understand, and see, how the right brow shape works for you,” says Laura.

Training Days
Laura came to the United States from Romania in 1980. Unable to continue her medical school studies, Laura enrolled in the Christine Valmy beauty school, where she specialized in skin care and waxing. Nina Ioacovache, owner of Nina’s Salon, trained Laura on the art of brow shaping, as she had done with former student Eliza Petrescu. After positions at various New York City beauty meccas, including the Gerald Bolei, Stephen Knoll, Minardi and John Barett salons, Laura joined beauty school classmate Eliza Petrescu at Eliza’s Eyes @ the Avon Salon and Spa in Manhattan, where she helped shape the distinctive looks of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford, Michael Douglas, Julie Andrews, Queen Noor of Jordan, the upper echelons of Manhattan high society and a league of loyal clients. A colleague of Anastasia of Beverly Hills, they often referred clients to each other. Laura left the spa for her current position and the opportunity to create her own “eyebrow sculpting boutique” at the new Mark Garrison salon. “I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to join the very respected Mark Garrison salon and have this new space to service my clients,” says Laura, who is celebrating her tenth year as a brow shaping specialist.    

Fact: Men and Teens do Brows
Working with teens, and shaping their brows that critical first time, is one of Laura’s favorite jobs, a good first shaping establishes the right brow framework right from the start, she explains. She also has many male clients, including leading New York City businessmen and politicians, men who understand the importance of a clean, well-shaped brow to their overall appearance. “Brow shaping is for everybody,” explains Laura. “Everyone from fashion models to teen boys need to keep their brows looking neat… and professional guidance and help is essential…even if not done regularly, it’s the best foundation and start for at-home care.”

Using a combination of waxing, tweezing and trimming, Laura works ‘brow couture’ on her clients, taking into account their face shape and bone structure to create balance and accentuate their best features. Laura The new Mark Garrison Salon is located at 108 East 60th Street, off Park Avenue (212.400.8000,

Contact: Chris Molinari Communications 914.381.1843,

Just Browsing with Laura Ungureanu:

•    Don’t tweeze brows for three or four weeks before coming in for a brows consultation. It’s essential to see how the brow grows naturally in order to create its best shape.
•    Stop using Retin-A or Accutane for 5 – 7 days before a brow shaping. These drugs increase skin sensitivity and can cause skin to scab after waxing.
•    It is usually necessary to adjust brow shape after a botox treatment or plastic surgery. The botox triggers muscle changes around the eye that can alter brow shape. Lifting and lowering brows repeatedly is an exercise that can be done to help strengthen brow muscle after surgery and can help spread botox evenly.
•    Too much of an arch can result in an ‘angry’ or ‘wonder’ look…readjusting brows can soften the look dramatically.
•    ‘Girls who wear glasses’… need to mind their brow shape. The brows must work around the shape of the glasses as well as the bone structure of your face.
•    Teen boys and girls can benefit from an initial visit to a brows professional to give their brows a cleaner look, neaten up “uni-brows” and establish the right brow shape for at-home care.
•    Men usually only need minor work to create a well-groomed, but never obvious, brow look.
•    Brow professionals can tailor their methods to their client’s skin care needs. Laura uses a variety of essential oils in her wax, like soothing lavender oil, added for clients with sensitive skin.

Contact: Chris Molinari Communications 914.381.1843,

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